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Welcome to JC. Studio, My name is Jorge Chavez, I live in Whittier California, and I would like to introduce myself to you, I believe in Excelence in Photography and in costumer service, the memories that are captured in photography are once in a lifetime, that is why i would like to stress the importance of getting the best photographer for your event, I have seen so many cases where people look for a bargain in a photographer, and after everything is finished they regret the choice they made.
Remember, the only thing that will remain of your event or celebration is the memories and your pictures, not the salon, not the great food, not the floral arrangements, that is why I ask you to not hesitate in hiring a good photographer for your event.
I offer you my services, look around the page to see some of my work, and if you decide to give me a chance to know you and visit you, please use the Contact page to send me a message, I will answer it as soon as I get it. and enjoy your visit to my page.